Hector Rodriguez

Ultra Endurance Athlete


About Hector

Hector is a husband, father, and challenge seeker that resides in San Diego, CA. His Ultra journey started in Dec 2018 after coming across David Goggin’s Can’t Hurt Me book. He immediately took the tools learned and applied it to his daily life starting with giving himself a daily 10 mile a day walk, hike, or run challenge. This led him to ramp up his training and to seek out additional challenges to test himself. In 2020, he started to have some success, he had a top 5 finish in a 24 hour race in Julian CA , 3rd in Aravaipa's Virtual Strong 100 mile event, 2nd in Aravaipa's Last Person Standing event  (146 mile DNF),  & finished the elusive Moab 240 Mile Endurance race. In 2021, Hector became one of the few who have finished the Destination Trail Triple Crown of 200s Challenge.

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Ultra Endurance Race Finishes


Triple Crown of 200s Finish


300+ Mile Finish


100+ Mile Treadmill Finisher